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About the Artisans

All of our products are handcrafted by economically disadvantaged producers in developing countries. Purchasing from these artisans gives them a livelihood and the ability to provide for their families and communities.

The hardships that they endure can range from physical handicaps, illiteracy, extreme poverty and entrapment in the sex industry through to a lack of knowledge, opportunity and access to international markets and trade. However, the artisans do have great expertise and skill in creating the beautiful toys and decor you see on our site today.

We choose to source our products from local collectives who ensure fair trade principles are upheld and that artisans are receive a fair price for their work.

When you choose fair trade and ethically made products you are buying so much more than an object. Your purchase will help provide education and health care to vulnerable communities, prevent labour exploitation, empower workers and preserve traditional skills and cultural legacies.